Fast and Reliable House Rewiring in North Hollywood

When you think about your older North Hollywood home you may not think about the residential wiring inside that home. However, older homes often have older residential wiring that uses older technology that is not designed to handle the power needs of modern technology. If your North Hollywood home has two-holed electrical sockets or you have to use adapters, or you know that your home uses knob and tube wiring, cloth-wrapped Romex wiring or aluminum wiring then you need to call My North Hollywood Electrician Hero.

Why You?

We have been providing residential rewiring in North Hollywood, CA,  by qualified electrical contractor for more than 30 years. In that time we have learned how to properly do a house rewiring and remove residential wiring and install new wires that are safer and more ready to handle the power needs of modern life.  We get the job done right with honest, friendly and knowledgeable electricians.

How Do You Do It?

We show up fast after we get the estimate done and with the right tools and equipment to get the job done right. We drill holes in the walls of your home so that we don’t have to tear those walls down. We also do not have to shut down the power inside your North Hollywood, CA, home because we take care of the residential wiring one room at a time.

How Much Is It?

We cannot tell you that over the internet. You have to get an estimate and it all depends on the size of your North Hollywood home and the amount of wiring that needs to be replaced. The same goes for how much time it takes, but generally it takes a couple of days or a few weeks to get done.

What Now?

First you need to call us and speak to one of our honest and friendly electrical contractors. We will get someone out there fast and get a free estimate done. We then go on and do the job and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. Call today!